We’ll take any good news and make the most of it. Today Kelly, Logan, & Peyton had a short meeting at the University of Washington Medical Center with the head Doctor overseeing Logan’s radiation therapy (to begin 6 weeks after stem cell is complete). He said that compared with what Logan has gone through (pain & sickness) up until now, this part of his treatment will be a lot less eventful. The treatment will be focused on Logan’s spine, and could effect his growth (height) later in life by up to 1″ (there goes his NBA career). They don’t anticipate damage to his kidneys. They did say however the organs that could see radiation are around the liver, and fortunately this is the organ that tolerates it best. The radiation treatment will take four weeks (20 sessions), Monday through Friday, up at UW in Seattle.

Logan’s weekdays will consist of school in the morning, and then an hour plus drive, approximately ten minutes of treatment, then drive the hour plus trip home.

All said, Logan is doing awesome! He stopped in to see his friends at Puyallup Playcare Center after his appointment. He was so excited to see all of them, and still talking about it tonight.


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  1. I met Logan on the train ride up to Seattle. He sat next to my husband and I. What a wonderful little boy you have brought into this world. You are all continually in our thoughts and prayers. I am glad that he had a great time at the game. I hope that next season he will be able to attend even more games.

    Amy and Colin Magnuson

  2. That is GREAT news! He is going to go through enough this next month and a half. To not have to worry about him loosing kidneys, and not growing on top of all the other stuff is fantastic news! 🙂 Courtney Kennedy

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