Happy Day to all! Logan James Lewis w/ another great day today. He went to school this morning and got to bring his own lunch which he thought was really cool. Tomorrow the whole family gets to go up for an all day appointment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Thank you to all who read this blog everyday to check on Logan’s progress. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to us. Logan will beat this because he is strong willed, he has parents that know he can do it, he has family that knows he can beat it and he has friends as well as strangers that know he can beat it.

Everyone out there that has said a prayer, thought of Logan, contributed money to help w/ bills, hugged Logan, said hi to Logan……THANK YOU! You have made a difference in a little boys life as well as a difference on his family.


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  1. We are so glad to meet Logan. We learned about you and your family from the newsletter the district is putting out. Allison (listed in that article) is our daughter. Logan sounds like quite a fighter, and I know he’ll continue doing well.

    Stay strong, and know you are in our prayers.

    The Blankenship Family

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