Happy Friday to all! Logan has had another wonderful day. No nausea yet….He has been beating up on his mom in the video game Mario Golf. Our nurses have been wonderful. They make our stay here so much easier.

For those of you that don’t know I work for a company called Dex Media. I sell yellow page ads as well as Internet items to new & existing customers. Why am I telling you this….I wanted to say how amazing my company has been to me. Very caring and compassionate from my peers all the way up to senior management. Yesterday we had our annual awards banquet and I had the privilege of meeting w/ our SVP for Dex. He informed me about his brother’s son beating cancer about 9 years ago….he had Neuroblastomo. It is nice to work for a company you know does not just look at you as a number but as a person. With this being said everyone be sure to check and make sure you only have a Dex phone book in your house;) The other books are great for firewood, recylcing etc. If you need a book let me know:)

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  1. C’mon, is there any other phone book? 🙂
    Good to see you today Jason, and Kelly yesterday! I’m sorry that we won’t be able to come see YOU guys sometime soon. For obvious reasons, it’s better that we stay away. Take care! And be sure to say hi to OUR favorite nurses for us!!! (Amy, Lisa, Jill, and Christina)—-Courtney Kennedy

  2. Jason, you could sell snow to the Eskimos! We are SO proud of you — how come you didn’t mention you were the top salesperson in your office last year … even with Logan undergoing cancer treatment for 5 months?? It’s okay to brag, you know!
    Love you,
    Mom and David

  3. I have stopped by your website since last month and decided I should leave a comment. First of all to tell Logan to have a spectacular birthday (I celebrated mine yesterday). and secondly to tell him to keep fighting as he is a tough little man. My prayers are with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Logan!! We send Love, prayers and hugs your way.. That is so Awesome about your compnay Jason – so good to hear about employers and people like that. Hope to see you all at home soon!!
    Love the Mildenberger’s

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