Although Logan is feeling miserable he still has time to sing. The above video is him humming and then giving the camera a wink. He is feeling horrible still w/ a lot of pain. Nausea seems to be under control as well as pain. He is sleeping a lot which is o.k. He is on a continuous does of morphine and the when the pain gets worse they give him a little boost of more. Today we also go get our weekly x-ray to make sure no fluids in chest/lungs. We have not heard anything so no news is good news. I put pictures of him doing great at the x-ray as well as him lying in bed.


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  1. You don’t know me but I always would see you walking to class when I was bringing my son to class. You are a brave little boy and I want you to know that even people who you don’t know are praying for this little superhero to be back walking (running) to class. Always thinking of you.

  2. What a beautiful song that was. Papa said that he broke his glasses trying to see that wink.
    Keep going on the medicine and nana will send some cash for those video games you want. But, you got to take that sticky stuff for
    a little while. Love Nana and Papa

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