Good Monday morning to all. Today we start the radiation phase. Today will be a little longer than most because Logan has to get “marked” w/ his tattoos. After radiation we have to go over to Children’s Hospital for blood work and a check-up. We also may be stopping by the ER……yesterday, while swinging on his swing in the backyard, Logan was attempting to jump off and fell very hard on his shoulder. We were thinking of taking him to the Hospital yesterday but it got a little better as the day went on. He still does not have much movement w/ it this morning. I think it is a deep bruise but we want to be on the safe side. Kelly happened to be recording Logan on the swing at the time. I looked at the video and luckily his shoulder/arm did not bend in any abnormal ways. He did however land on his shoulder pretty hard.


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  1. We’re thinking of you Logan! Hope today goes well and your arm feels better!

    Love, the Mildenberger family

  2. Ouch! That looked like a pretty hard fall. Pretty incredible how he was back on his feet a few seconds later. I hope that his appointments go well today, and his shoulder is feeling better.

    Much love,

  3. Logan – Your are my superhero but I don’t think you can fly. I watched the movie and I think you got a real problem with your takeoff. Maybe you’d better walk and not try to fly. I don’t want to see papa bet you on the links because you got hurt. Be careful! See you in a couple of days. Love you Nana

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