Only 6 days of radiation left! At radiation yesterday the doctors started the radiation “boost”, this is the “extra” radiation that will focus on the 5mm piece of tissue that was left in Logan after his surgery to remove the tumor. This area is smaller than the previous radiation area. His radiation doctor, Dr. Douglas believes we will start seeing less nausea and diarrhea due to the field being smaller and not hitting his organs as much. We hope this is the case. We started to hydrate Logan at home every other night…. Logan hasn’t had much interest in eating and drinking and with the radiation, sickness and diarrhea it is easy for him to dehydrate. As usual, Logan is being a trooper and has made friends at the University where he has the radiation.

We are also excited to tell you all…. Logan has hair! Bushy eyebrows and fuzz all over, it looks like he will no longer be blonde, it is coming in pretty dark. Either way is fine, I might just be his mom, but I thought he looked amazing bald anyway.

Papa & Nana left yesterday, we loved having them here. You are already greatly missed. Thank you Papa and Nana for a wonderful visit.


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  1. Thanks for a great time in Seattle. It was wonderful just to be there to kiss and hug those beautiful little faces and rub Logans little head. Miss you all so much……

    Love Nana and Papa

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