We are all packed and ready for our 1 week get-a-way to the four seasons in Seattle…a.k.a. Children’s hospital. I have been talking w/ Logan about it today and he seems to being doing pretty well with it all. We told him this is a different type of medicine that he has never had. This medicine will give him owies in his tummy and back. He said like cramps. I said yes cramps that hurt a little but the doctors will give you medicine to make you feel better. This morning was day 3 of 14 of morning shots…..Logan laughed when I gave him the shot. He is amazing. Please continue to send your thoughts and prayers our way…for a pain free quick week…..THANK YOU!


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  1. We love you, Logan! Our hearts, prayers and thoughts will be with you every day this week!

    Love to Mom, Dad, and Peyton too …

    Gramma and Grampa David

  2. We are thinking of you guys tonight. Big sigh…

    We will stop in to say hello on Thursday at our appointments.

    With Prayer,

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