Hello all. Logan is doing well. We finished our last shot of the 14 days today, Logan has been a trooper, but none of us look forward to that every morning. We are now in our 2nd day of the pills, he takes 2 in the morning and then 2 at night, for 14 days. The first couple of days were difficult, a 6 year old doesn’t really like the feeling of swallowing a pill. Today… Logan was amazing. He got up, took his pill, that was it. No yelling or gagging. Jason came down and asked Logan if he was ready to take his pill and Logan gave him the cutest smile, as if he did something really special….. and he did.

Logan also had his teacher, Mrs. Pesature, come over to do school. She comes over 2 x a week ( Logan’s schedule permitting ) and she does the same work with Logan that she is doing in her class. We are in hopes of Logan keeping up, she will continue teaching Logan through out the summer. So far he is doing really well, he seems to learn quickly. Thank you Toby, Jason and I are very grateful for your commitment to Logan and his learning. Logan lights up the days you come over. He really misses his teacher and kindergarten class.

Logan is heading to NW Trek tomorrow with his friend, Chloe. We are in hopes of seeing babies while we are on the tram. Should be alot of fun. And fun is all we will be doing…… we are free ( no hospital ) until Monday May 5th. Yeah!


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  1. Kelly,
    You are such a good mommy! I have been praying for strength for you because mommy’s hearts are so tender! Have fun today! I hope all the animals are out!


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