Here we are…….embarked on another journey of experimental medicine. Logan is almost 4 hours into the 5 hour treatment. This will be treatment number 5 of 20 of the antibody. This treatment they also give him a higher dose of the medicine he was on last week. That combined w/ antibody we will probably see nausea as well as the pain. Currently he is sleeping peacefully as I type this. We do have a roommate this round….the good news is it is the Townes. Ben started his experimental treatment today. He is an amazing little trooper. If anyone has any connections to get him Lighting McQueen’s autograph he is a huge fan. Please continue to keep both Logan & Ben in your thoughts and prayers this week…….these kids are amazing!

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  1. I don’t have any connections with Lightening, unfortunately. But have they talked with their Make-a-Wish person? Even though it’s not his “wish” they could probably figure out how to get it! Glad to see that Logan is doing good!

  2. Amazing kids indeed! I will keep both of them (and their incredible parents) in my prayers this week.


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