Well… we are not quite rested, but so relieved to be home and have Logan mentally recovered that is just doesn’t matter if we sleep or not. Logan is well, mentally he has fully recovered, physically he is improving. We battled stomach pain and diarrhea yesterday and last night. He spent most of the day on the couch and went to bed really early. Today… Logan got better every hour, near the end of the day Logan was playing baseball and running the bases. At 4:30 p.m he was done and asked to go inside, took a bath and was in bed asleep by 5:15 p.m. We are expecting Logan to even be better tomorrow.

Although Logan is recovered Jason and I are still very devastated to say the least. We have not been that scared since Logan was initially diagnosed with cancer. Logan was mentally gone for multiple days and Jason and I just fell apart. It was horrible. We are traveling to Children’s tomorrow to do labs and have a clinic appt. and then off to New York on Weds. Jason and I are going to take some time to decide whether we will continue the treatment or not.

During these times we have great support. As Jason and I both needed to be with Logan during this time we had great help with Peyton. We really appreciated being allowed to focus on Logan and know Peyton was in great hands. Thank you Aunt Traci, Uncle Pat, Aunt Kristi and Wendy Casello. You made a horrific week alittle easier. Thank you Townes….. we truly miss spending our days with you. Thank you to my parents… you have a wonderful gift of understanding me when I am hysterical…..

We will say we are happy, so happy that Logan is strong and he is recovering, happy that we are a family, happy that we can leave this behind and go on vacation.


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  1. So many people are reading your blog and praying for Logan and your whole family. It is hard to imagine what this last week has been like for you.

    My son and I were at Children’s on Friday for an appointment for him. He picked out balloons for Logan and Ben, and I added the Tully’s card. I wanted to add a cure, or at least certainty that you are making the right decisions one way or the other, but those products weren’t for sale at the gift shop or the coffee stand.

    Since I can’t stuff these things in an envelop, I will offer prayers for you & Kelly, to protect your hearts from the doubt and incredible fear.

  2. We’re so happy to hear that Logan is doing better day by day. What an awful few days to have to go through for you all, especially after everything you’ve been through. Try to put it behind you now and enjoy your vacation!! Have a fun, safe trip to Norwich. Maybe we’ll get to meet you while you’re here.
    Best wishes,
    Hutch and Barb Hotchkin

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