One year ago today our lives changed forever. Logan was diagnosed on July 26, 2007 at about 4pm. I remember spending most the day at Children’s hospital w/ Kelly & my sister-in-law Traci. Logan went through a series of tests to see why he was limping. He felt good though. I remember the doctors having him run up and down the hallway to watch his motion. Logan would tell me he felt great and how fast he was. We were meeting w/ doctors for possible signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The last tests they had Logan do was a CT scan of his chest & abdomen. They would not have the results back for about an hour so we all went and waited in the cafeteria and had a small snack….we were not that hungry. “Paging the family of Logan Lewis please come to floor 6 purple zone, will the family of Logan Lewis please come to the floor 6 purple zone.” We all went up and gathered into a small room. Dr. Wallace (arthritis doctor) came into the room and without any hesitation told us our pride & joy had cancer. Of course the emotions overwhelmed us….Kelly was 9 months+ pregnant so the doctors all showed concern there. We then had to wait and meet w/ an Oncology doctor. He said he wanted to admit us that night and start treatment. We pleaded to go home as a family and absorb what we could of the news. They let us leave and we were admitted the next day to start treatment to kill the nasty disease that was in our son.
Our lives changed for the better….some would think for the worst but I am one that looks at the glass 1/2 full. We have met some amazing people this last year. People who had never met Logan & family but reached out to help. I have grown closer to my family than I ever have been…they have been their to support us every minute. I also am fortunate to have Kelly’s parents, they are just as much my mom and dad as Kelly’s and I thank them. I could write a book on all the amazing people that have touched our lives. Thank you to the nurses at Children’s hospital, you will forever be apart of my family. Your caring and passion for my son is amazing….thank you, thank you, thank you. We have also met many strong, amazing families that are dealing with their child going through cancer. Thank you to those families for your guidance and support. Most of all to the Townes….I wish we could of met under different circumstances but this is what was put upon us. Carin, Jeff you are an amazing couple. Thank you for venting with us, crying with us, laughing with us. I hope we will forever be friends and be sitting in the family section together when Ben & Logan make their Mariner’s debut.

To everyone that reads this Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Can’t believe it’s been a year! You are amazing Logan – we are so pround of you. Hope we hear good news from Ben…
    Mildenberger Family

  2. *tears*

    It has been a priviledge to laugh and cry with you guys. I pray that we will do the same for years to come, just under different circumstances.

    Much love,

  3. I’m so glad Logan is doing well. Our family went to Camp Agape on Raft Island last week. THis is a camp for children who have had or have cancer and their families. We all really enjoyed it. Every child (including healthy siblings) has their own college student “counselor” to watch them all the time and so we parents got to relax a bit. The camp has a website and you can get registration material there sometime at the end of February or beginning of March. It’s free and very well run. You might consider trying it next year!

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