I do not know what to say…..I will just copy the news from Ben’s site…..please send your thoughts & prayers to his family. Tonight Kelly & I are without words as to why…..

Monday, November 3rd
Once again, we are at a loss for words.
Yesterday evening, Ben was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital. A CT scan last night and another one this morning confirmed one of the tumors in his brain has continued to grow aggressively over the last few days and even through the hours of the night.
Because of the rapid growth, the doctors confirmed that further treatment would not be effective. The decision was made to stop the radiation treatments and return home. We are continuing to monitor his pain levels and are giving him medications to keep him comfortable. Many times last night Ben told Carin not to worry and that he loves her.
Ben is now resting with his mom and dad, and is surrounded by all of his family. At this point, there is no way to determine how much time we have left with Ben…but we know that it isn’t long.
Please continue to respect the family’s privacy and refrain from visiting. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


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