Today mom & Logan went up to Seattle Children’s Hospital for a routine check-up. Logan is growing like a weed. His is also maintaining his weight which is great news. Our next appointment is early January to complete all of his scans.
Logan continues to do great in school. On today’s spelling test he received a 100%. They also gave him 8 extra credit words…pretty hard ones for a first grader. He got 6 of 8 correct!
Right now as I type this Logan is at movie night at his school. Kids bring a pillow and blanket & watch a movie on a big screen in the gym. Logan was so excited to go.
A continued thanks to everyone that keeps checking Logan’s blog. I recently put a counter at the bottom….in just 11 days we have received over 2000 visitors. I look at that as 2000 people praying for Logan & our family, that is 2000 people praying and hoping for a cure against Neuroblastoma. Thank You!

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  1. I just wanted to let you guys know that Jenna continues to pray for Logan every night before bed. I am glad that Logan continues to maintain weight, that is awesome. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

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