Great news!!!! Logan scans were all clear! They think he just has a small virus that is not making him feel well. The limp in his leg may just be a pulled muscle. The nurse did a series of tests w/ his legs and he did great. Next week we will finish the testing with the MIBG scan as well as a bone marrow aspiration. They are not expecting anything from these. The big news was the CT scan today that showed NED (no evidence of disease). Thank you all for our thoughts & prayers.

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  1. Dear Logan,
    Awesome news!!! We prayed and thought about you all day today … and are so happy for the good news. Great job of babysitting Peyton, Aunt Kristi! Hope you all have a relaxing fun weekend!

    Love you,
    Gramma and Grampa David

  2. That is FANTASTIC news!! That’s really great. Do you think there will ever be a time that us parents will not freak out when an original symptom shows up? Cancer sure has a way of changing lives, doesn’t it?

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