Next Treatment….

Next Treatment….

Kelly & I met with Dr. Julie Park this morning briefly to discuss options for Logan as well a more detailed description of the immunotherapy treatment he will be doing (she was getting ready to head out to meet VP Joe Biden to discuss cancer research at Fred Hutch/Seattle Children’s:)).  Below is what we know so far….

Logan just has a small lesion on his left hip that’s visible.  To quote Dr. Park, “This is truly the best results to MIBG treatment we have ever seen!”.  So this is obviously GREAT news.  Yes remission would of been the best news but Logan’s results are still amazing.

Questions we asked Dr. Park:

Why not just radiate that spot? Why not do the lead room procedure again?

More than likely that spot is immune to radiation because it has already received such high doses and odds are it will resist more radiation.

Why not remove the portion of the hip bone where the lesion is present?

The type of cancer Logan has, Neuroblastoma, hides very well so removing that portion of the bone will not necessarily get rid of the cancer.

So next will be the T-cell immunotherapy.  Logan will start the Thursday April 7th.  He will get outpatient chemo both that Thursday as well as Friday the 8th.  He will then be admitted Saturday the 9th – Sunday the 10th to get inpatient chemo.  The purpose of the chemo is to wipe out/kill cells in his body to make room for the T-cells.  Monday the 11th will be a normal clinic visit and then Tuesday, April 12th is when he will get the re-programmed T-cells infused.  Over the next 2 weeks after that he will be at home (a couple of clinic visits in between) and be closely watch for fevers.  His ANC counts will drop and are expected to come back up the week of April 25th.  He will lose his hair again because of this chemo.  They will look at re-staging him the week of May 23rd to see if the cancer is gone.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers….



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