Next steps……

Next steps……

We have now met with Logan’s team of doctors and have started planning out next steps…..

First, before I describe those steps discussed…..Logan’s two main doctors were both at a cancer conference in Atlanta this past week.  Both of their emails started “blowing up” about Logan’s results as they became available this past Wednesday.  They were “low fiving” under the table as the emails kept popping up.  They are very encouraged by his results.

Next steps:

Logan will continue to do the antibody treatment combined with a smaller dose of chemo.  We will not be doing it every 3rd week as before.  They will let Logan’s body recover and goal is to do it every 4 to 6 weeks up to 4 more times.  So that puts up back in the hospital mid to late October.  The purpose of continuing is Logan’s type of cancer hides really well so if Logan’s body can tolerate it they want to keep “hitting” anything hiding.

We are also going to keep a very close eye on Logan’s recovery.  He is really struggling producing platelets, red blood cells, and getting his white cell counts up.  They do not want his body to become transfuse dependent.

Lastly they still have two bags of Logan’s stem cells they harvested some time ago frozen.  They are discussing the option of transfusing these back into him to see if that will “jump start” his system.

Everything going forward continues to be an experiment as they have not seen this result with other kids that have gone through these many treatments.

Great news is if Logan’s white blood cell counts are up Monday morning he will be attending school Monday afternoon.  Mom and him went school shopping today!!!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for the messages.  Our family reads everyone of them!



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