Great first day today. Logan is doing amazing! They let us leave the hospital for about an hour to go get dinner down the road. Logan also bought some art supplies to decorate his room. Peyton has been doing very well up here. It brings a smile to Logan’s face every chance he gets to hold him. Last night he said the Peyton was his best friend. Well that is it for now Logan and I have to hopefully watch the Mariner’s get a win vs. the Twins. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!


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  1. The “blog” is a great idea. Thank you for including us, and a special thanks to Dylan for making it possible. Good job Dylan!
    We are happy to hear that Logan is doing well with his treatments, and from the comments we read, it also sounds like he’s doing a great job as a big brother as well. Peyton is a lucky little guy! We will be checking the blog regularly for updates. Please know that we are available anytime if there’s anything we can do for you.

  2. Hi Dylan –
    Thanks for setting up such a great website for all of us to read and support Logan – we love you!

    As Jason’s Mom, I am SO proud of the way he and Kelly have stepped up to support Logan during this very difficult time. They have given the rest of the family the energy and inspiration to step up and shupport their efforts. We are proud to be here with them and assist as necessary. Love you – Jason, Kelly, Logan and Peyton!

    Mom and David- XOXOXOXOXOX

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