We are home! Logan is feeling a little better. Still a little tired and worn down. He is really getting used to and doing very well w/ the NG Tube. When we got home he wanted oatmeal and Tatar tots and of course he got them. So far he has kept it all down. He has been playing pinball on the computer since he got home. Tomorrow Logan goes back up for a check-up to check blood counts and make sure he is gaining weight.
Today we also met a family going through exactly what we are dealing with. Their son Benjamin is two years old and was diagnosed w/ neuroblastoma just three weeks after Logan. They live in Seattle. It is really nice to talk w/ someone that is experiencing the roller coaster of emotions that we are. The dad’s name is Jeff and mom’s Carin. Please visit their website above and add them to your prayers & thoughts.


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  1. It was a blessing to talk with you today Jason. Of course we wish that there were no other families walking this journey. But being as that is not the case, we are grateful for a few who understand. Thank you for chatting with us. We look forward to meeting Kelly and Peyton.

    We pray for Logan. For all of us. For strength. For healing.

    Carin Towne

  2. Still messing with these cookies on my pc. Just wanted to say HI and I love you. I’m glad Logan is feeling a little better after the bags. Keep up the great work. You two are awesome!!!!!

  3. Dear Logan,
    Sorry we couldn’t be with you yesterday or today – but we both have colds and don’t want to risk giving them to you.

    Hang in there, strong guy — we love you and are pulling for you. Thanks, Uncle Pat, for helping out today!

    Grandma and Grandpa David

  4. Hi Logan!

    I work with your Aunt Traci, and she has told me all about how brave, fun, and sweet you are. It is obvious she loves you very much, and from reading your blog, I can see your personality shine through your dad’s words and can understand why.

    Even though I’ve never met you, I feel like I know you a little. My son is three and a half years old, and I have told him about you. So now we’re sure to include you and your mom and dad in our prayers every day. Also, I know the tube isn’t fun, but I’m glad you’re keeping your food down and sleeping okay now.

    You are awesome! And I hope you have sweet dreams tonight and a great day tomorrow!

    Melissa Teppo

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