Day 2 of chemo….Logan got a sick this morning but since has had a good day. His face is very swollen (puffy) because they have been giving him so much liquids. He actually has gained 2lbs since yesterday…all fluids. We were up every 2 hours last night , at least, to pee. This is required so they know his kidneys are functioning o.k. If he does not go pee they wake me up to have him go. Last night was not a problem. Logan, like most males, holds it until the last minute and then screams “Potty dad, Potty!” I jump up out of bed (half asleep) and run over, lift him out of bed, grab the container, pull down his pajama’s and hope to get the container there before the fountain goes crazy. Yes 8 out of 10 times I make it. The other 2….yep I get it, the floor gets it, & the container gets some.
Logan and I have been making paper airplanes and having contests in the hall to see who can throw them the farthest. So far Logan has the record. The nurses actually set-up red lines to throw from.


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  1. Logan,

    If dad gives you a hard time about peein’ during the night just ask him about the closet and the time he stayed the night at Uncle Scott’s house!

    Uncle Scott

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