Logan curled up in my arms at 4:30pm and fell fast asleep….he laid on my chest in the chair and felt so warm. I love to kiss his bald head because it is so soft. He is an amazing little boy. I just sit here across the room and look over all the time wondering am I in a dream? Everyday I walk in the room and see L. Lewis outside on a name tag and can’t believe that is my L. Lewis. I love Logan so much and hate to see him in pain…I cannot wait until he beats this and is able to play T-ball again and brag in the car after the game how far he hit it…or play soccer again and brag how far he kicked it….or go golfing w/ Dad, Grandpa, and friends and every hole tell us his score is a birdie……I love you Logan! I am your dad and I am supposed to protect you….I am so proud to call you my son. I love you Logan so much.


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  1. Our hearts ache with you and will celebrate with you tomorrow with the completion of chemo.

    Praying for you from up the street…

    the townes

  2. Logan I love hearing what a great big brother you are! I’m so proud of you! I cant wait until you have kicked this and you are back to dominating sports! your family and friends love you more than anything!you are seriously one of the coolest kids ever! feel better buddy! you are always in our prayers!

  3. We feel the same way about kissing
    Charlie’s little bald head! 🙂

    You guys are awesome, thank you for sharing your thoughts, fears and bravery on your blogs. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Yeah for last day of chemo!!!! Keep going strong…..
    Courtney Kennedy

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