Logan is doing….o.k. He is doing 100 times better than I would ever do. Last night Aunt Kristi & Grandma stayed w/ Logan. He fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 7am. Today he had a chest x-ray to check for fluid in the lungs…there was none. He did great. He also wore his Starbucks apron and Grandma wheeled him around in a wheel chair and he made nurses Lattes. Today he also got a blood transfusion…it gave him great color. I came in the room after work today and it looked like Logan had been in a tanning bed.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier blog so forgive me if I am repeating myself. After Logan received his second chemo he had his own cells harvested (they will transfuse them back to him Thursday). They were hoping to get 10 million cells that day. Most kids give between 5 to 10 million. Super hero Logan gave them 80 million. So far all doctors that have come in this week to talk w/ us about the stem cell don’t believe it. They have never seen anything like it. One doctor asked if his energy was down that night after harvesting the cells….nope wild as ever…she just shook her head. So when he gets his cells back they said 5 million is o.k. 10 million in great. They are going to give Logan back 40 million! They will keep the rest frozen. What’s this mean…not much. They said he might get better quicker (counts up). I just wanted to reiterate the Super Hero part….doing karate kicks 3 days after having 6″ incision in his abdomen, feeling horrible but still managing to tell jokes, smile, and harass the nurses, and the 80 million cells! This kid is amazing!


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  1. Logan…you are truly SUPERHUMAN!!! Someday, someone will have to make a movie about you!!! Looks like your Daddy could start the screenplay already! Thanks Jason for your updates on Logan, it helps us all to recognize Super Logan’s achievements daily.

  2. Each of you have a different strength and that makes your family strong. Logan gets his strength from you and you from him. As long as you all stay united you will stay strong.

    I am very proud of you all.
    Love ya Nana

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