Happy Wednesday to all. Logan has had an excellent day. This morning he rode around and served coffee to nurses & Doctors. He had a cup that said TIPS on it. Every time he would hand them their cup he then would point at the TIPS cup. Everyone loved it. His TIPS consisted of things like mini flashlight, alcohol wipes, band aids, stickers, etc.
Logan’s mouth is starting to show the signs of the mucositis. It will get pretty bad the doctors are saying and will go from his mouth and follow his digestive track. They will give him morphine to control the pain. Tomorrow a new chapter in Logan’s life begins….he gets his stem cell transplant! It will take place in the afternoon about 1:30pm. The nurses make a big deal about it and make him a big sign that says Happy Transplant Day and they also sing him a Happy Transplant Day song.

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  1. Dear Logan…

    It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is your transplant day! It’s even harder to believe that you’ve been fighting this thing for six months. I want you to know that I am so proud of you…your attitude, your strength, your awesome sense of humor…you’ve handled every bump in the road with courage and a great attitude. You are truly a hero to everyone who knows you and I am lucky to be your Uncle. I know that the next few weeks are going to be tough for you, but I also know that you will come out of this thing stronger than ever. Everyone in your family is growing through this experience thanks to your great example. Thanks, Logan, for being such an inspiration to everyone who is fortunate enough to know you. I love you, little buddy.

    Love, Uncle Pat

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