GOOD NEWS! Logan had to have an emergency blood draw because he was spitting up more blood than usual. It was what they thought….his platlet count was way down. Platlets help clot blood. He is going to get a platlet transfusion here very soon. The GOOD NEWS is that his report showed a trace of white blood cells for the first time. I hope we saw rock bottom last night/today and we will start seeing him get better. I explained it to Logan why I was so happy w/ the report. I told him his body has started building an army of good guys today and they are going to start attacking the yucky sores. His army will get very big and kick the sores butt and he will feel better soon. He smiled!


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  1. Good news, I pray that his counts go up quickly. Logan, I’m sorry you are feeling so yucky, I hope you feel better VERY soon! You are doing such an amazing job. The picture of Peyton snuggling up to you is very cute. 🙂


  2. Logan

    You will always be my hero! You are so brave !!I know you will kick the butts of the bad sores.

    Thank you for sharing

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