As the saying goes….”one step forward, two steps backward”. Yesterday afternoon just as we started to see a very tiny glimpse of Logan making jokes it all turned worse last night. Logan’s temperature went to 104 degrees and his blood pressure dropped. I was awoken at one point and there were 5 nurses in the room hovering over Logan. They are worried fluids in his body are exiting into tissue and lungs and not going through bloodstream and out as pee/poop. They gave him a blood transfusion early this morning and that helps with keeping fluids in the right place. When the doctors checked him out they were satisfied w/ his color as well as his lung sounds but just want to keep a close eye on him. Also his oxygen intake is a little low. Perfect is 100% but since Logan is in pain he is breathing a little shallow and this has caused his oxygen to drop to low 90’s. They now have oxygen over him that continuously is in Logan’s environment. Since they introduced this his oxygen has risen to about 96-97…this is great.

Currently as I am typing this Logan, Mom, & Peyton are on my bed. Peyton keeps cuddling up to Logan. It is the only time we get smiles from Logan….He is an awesome big brother. This picture above was taken just minutes ago. You can see Logan’s cheeks/mouth are very swollen. This is common w/ the infections in his mouth.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers…everyone start praying for Logan’s counts to come up and start kicking butt on the infection!

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  1. The pictures you have taken of Logan and Peyton during this journey are so amazing.

    We are praying for mercy.

    the townes

  2. We have not met (my kids are in the Towne’s youth ministry program and through following Ben, we have discovered and have been following and praying for Logan’s progress, too.) I can hardly wait for those white blood cells to show up and help Logan feel better. I will be praying hard and often until he is through this. GO LOGAN!!

  3. I’ve been praying for Logan and Ben since hearing of their battle through the Seattle Presbytery. Tonight’s picture of Logan and Peyton brought me to tears-of joy to see the love between these brothers and of sadness to see Logan’s swollen cheeks. May his counts rise soon and may his army of good guys win the fight. Believing God is listening and carrying you through–a praying friend in Bellevue.

  4. We wish so bad we could do something to help… Please know that we are praying for Logan and for all of you..
    Love, The Mildenbergers

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