As I type this it is snowing outside! It is almost April! Logan loves it. We just went up and got the mail and Logan was catching snowflakes in his mouth. Only two days left of radiation. Yesterday was a really rough day for Logan. He was very sick to his tummy all day w/ a near 100 degree temp. We just had him lay around most the day. Today he woke up back to his normal self…harassing Peyton all day and beating everyone at the Wii.

Next week Logan goes through all the testing again including the bone marrow test where they stick a needle into both his hip bones…ouch! We will get the results of all the testing on Monday April 7th when we meet w/ the Neuroblastoma Dr. Julie Park. We then also find out what the next treatment will be for Logan. Of course we are all hoping there will be no signs of the cancer/tumor…..if there is……there won’t be so we don’t need to go there. Logan is our life and we breathe every breath for Logan to get better and live the life that we have been so fortunate to live.

Next Monday Logan will also be going w/ me to opening day of baseball for the Mariner’s! He…and I are pumped. I asked him what he is looking forward to the most and he said “eating cotton candy!” The player he said is most excited to see is Big Richie Sexson & the Mariner Moose. Go Mariners!


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  1. Logan-
    Sounds like a busy week. For doing so good with the radiation we have send a little gift that you should get next week. Hint:
    something we were going to do while we were there but didnt get time.

    Have a great time at the ball game.
    Love Nana and Papa

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