ONE TREATMENT LEFT! Logan is doing excellent & having a great day. This morning when were up at UW Hospital we go to see Ben Townes parents. Ben was in getting fitted for his body mold so every radiation he is placed in the exact same spot. Logan was upset because he wanted to see Ben. Logan did however share w/ Ben’s mom what to do everyday in the car when you pull into the driveway to signify you are done for the day. Logan & his mom do this every time they go to treatment together. You roll down all the windows, you turn the music up real loud, and you go down the driveway real fast and dance. Be safe Carin;)

Congratulations to Logan’s friend Alexa who became a big sister today. Her parents Scott & Adrienne Caufield became proud parents of a baby boy named Curran Scott Caufield.


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  1. Congratulations Logan!!! You are a super star!

    Jeff is a little concerned for the post radiation tradition. He says my driving isn’t so hot to start with. 😉

    Good to see you guys…
    Lv, Carin

  2. Dear Logan,
    One more day to go!!! EEEE Haw! We are so proud of the way you have worked your way through all of your treatments. You are truly our SUPER HERO! Enjoy the snow! We’re in sunny and hot Texas …

    Great news about new baby Curran … we will send them our congrats.

    Love you all!!!
    Gramma and Grampa David

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