Go Mariners! Logan, Josh, Aunt Kristi, and Dad had a blast at opening day. Logan did engulf his cotton candy in record time and got a little tummy ache but other than that he had a great time. Logan & Josh both made it down near the field to get the Mariner Moose’s autograph. The guy sitting in front of us also caught a fly ball and gave it to Logan…he was pumped. Also a big THANK YOU to Ben Townes parents who surprised Logan at his seat w/ a Mariner backpack filled w/ goodies. Logan thought that was awesome!
Today Logan & Mom are up at Children’s Hospital starting all the testing again to see if there is any evidence of his cancer. This will be a hard/long week for Kelly & I. Of course we are praying that there is nothing. Along this 8 month journey (nightmare) of cancer we always know what the next step in treatment is. After this week we really do not know what is next….Wouldn’t it be nice just to go on w/ our life and never think about cancer again. We know that will not be the case…but is nice to dream though. Please say an extra prayer this week that his cancer is gone….forever!

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  1. Hi Logan!

    Hannah LaTour and family are praying for you every day (at every meal and bed and whenever we have a moment)! You have done great through all of this and we are thinking of you and your family.

    Hannah’s mom

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