Logan has lost a little more of his hearing. It is still the high pitch sounds and not the normal speaking tones. He still will not need hearing aids at this time. The nasty chemo drug Cisplatin he received twice is doing the damage and it will continue to do possible damage for up to a year. We will have another hearing test later this year. Tomorrow we have scans and possibly might have results of bone marrow test that was done yesterday.

The picture attached was taken by a very nice lady at the Mariner’s game. She just e-mailed it to me. Logan used to be very scared of the moose….as you can see things have changed.

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  1. For those of us rooting/praying for Logan, the pictures of a happy, active Logan have been SO great. Thank you! I am sorry about the additional hearing loss, but glad it is still “high end” only — it seems so pervasive among kids who have taken Cisplatin, but still, I wish he didn’t have to deal with it. We will be praying for no signs of further hearing loss on the NEXT test — but we are mostly praying for (1) totally clean scans tomorrow, (2) a totally healthy Logan who can start to get back to his old life and guidance for you as to try to figure out “next steps” if any, now that you have completed treatment.

  2. Hi!

    I’m glad Logan is doing well and enyoying ball games! I’m really praying for good news for you!. Emma has been NED (no evidence of disease) now for almost two months and life is so much better even though we are dealing with continued leg problems and moderate hearing loss that does require hearing aides (also from cisplatin). None of these things seems like such a big deal compared to cancer. Hang in there through all the testing.


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