Long day but good day….

Long day but good day….

Welcome to Logan’s new website….Thank you cousin Andrew for creating this.  We figured it’s easier to remember Loganstrong as a website.  You can still go to the old and as you probably have seen it redirects you to the new.

Logan had a good day but long day….

First both Mom and Logan slept great through the night…..especially mom who needed it;).

Logan was supposed to have a bone aspiration at 11 this morning.  With this procedure he actually gets “put under” so he could not eat in the morning.  This procedure is where they actually draw bone marrow from his pelvis on his back.  They actually stick big long needle into bone to get marrow…in two spots.  Logan as usual takes it all in stride.

So back to was supposed to have at 11am….before he was supposed to go down and get procedure he needed a dose of blood platelets.  Unfortunately the platelets arrived late so they moved the procedure back to 2pm….that did not happen either.  They fell behind in clinic and Logan/Mom finally went down about 3:30 to complete procedure.  Logan was not allowed to eat all day.

Once Logan was done and back in room he was starving.  He requested from a local bakery a BLT, Cinnamon Roll, and a Bagel.  Mom headed down to fulfill his order.

Soooo.  Long day but Logan is doing great.  His counts were at 180 this morning.  They were at 30 yesterday.  Kelly is being told they possible get to go home tomorrow night if above 200.  The doctors are anticipating them to be in the thousand range.

Logan continues to inspire many…..



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