One day at a time……

One day at a time……


Logan spiked another fever last night of 103.8 so he will be there through at least Wednesday.  His blood pressure also dropped again.  Currently as I type this though his fever is gone and BP is stabilized.  His leg is also once again giving him severe pain so much so that he needed morphine last night.

Today they are collecting blood throughout the day to send to the Ben Towne Research Center for next phase of experimental.  They are doing amazing things there. Follow above link to find out more.

Today Logan will also be getting an x-ray on his hip legs to see status of what possibly is causing pain.  We will also be getting bone marrow aspiration results back from yesterday.

I will be heading up after work to give Kelly a much needed break….hopefully I will be returning home on Wednesday with Logan.

Today I am angry….I hate all of this.



3 thoughts on “One day at a time……

  1. Dear Lewis family,

    As I’m sitting here scrolling through Facebook, taking in friends’ summer activities, I’m wondering whether it’s normal to have an aching heart instead of a joyful one. Aching because Logan is aching and you all are too. Why can’t we ALL have these fun times now!?You’re experiencing an unfathomable challenge with grace, strength and courage. Thank you for being such terrific examples to everyone. Thank you for sharing this “trip” with us. You already know, but I want to reiterate that you aren’t alone in this. So many in the community are worried, hopeful, thoughtful and prayerful with you. I am so looking forward to seeing Logan’s pics on Facebook next summer so all of our hearts can feel joy again! Love and peace to you all.

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